The Definitive Guide to What It really Costs to Care for a Dog

Dogs make our lives more fulfilling. With their unconditional love and the joy they bring, it’s a giving relationship. But, do you know what it really costs to care for a dog? We can’t understate the importance of knowing more. This guide gives you insight on what it takes to care for your furry friend, and the investment to expect.

The Basic Dog Ownership Costs

These costs vary by location and type of dog. Yet, they give you an idea of dog ownership costs for the bare necessities. 

  • Food and Treats — up to $700 a year
  • Routine Vet Visits — up to $2000 a year for a healthy dog
  • Bedding, Collars, and Leashes — up to $250 a year
  • Toys — the sky’s the limit, but on-average up to $50 a year
  • Training Classes — up to $300 a year
  • Grooming — up to $500 a year
  • Boarding or Pet Sitters — up to $300 a year
  • Preventative Care — up to $600 a year

Initial Costs for a New Dog

Your initial investment depends on what kind of dog you get and where you get it. For a purebred, the costs are substantially more than a shelter or rescue dog. There are many dogs that need a home so if you don’t care about the dog’s breeding, consider a rescue group or shelter.

One of the first things to do with any new dog is to find a veterinarian. You’ll need to get your dog’s health checked out and make sure that it has its shots. These include core vaccinations and preventative care such as flea control and heartworm medication.

A healthy and happy home environment is another area of expense. The basics include a comfortable bed, a collar, leashes, grooming items, and toys. The cost of these things are up to your discretion. But expect to spend up to $250 a year depending on how often you need to replace things and the styles you prefer.

dog vet check up

Continued Care

The continued care of your canine friend includes preventative care maintenance. These are things like flea control, heartworm meds, supplements, and vet visits.

Grooming costs range from nothing, if you do it yourself, to up to $500 a year for a professional. Sure, you may bathe your dog yourself. But are you adept in cutting your dog’s toenails or making sure their anal glands and ears are clean?

Food and treats are another area that varies considerably. It makes sense that a Chihuahua will eat less than a Great Dane. But make sure you are feeding your dog food that is of a high quality. Poor choices in food can lead to obesity, allergies, and many other issues that end up costing more in the end. Your canine’s fitness is one of the defining factors in its health.

Training is important for your dog. Not only does this teach them the basics, but it strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It builds confidence in your dog and provides the mental stimulation they need.

If you’re ready to get started with training for your dog and live in the Kansas City area, we hope you call Sit Now Stay. We have a staff of certified dog trainers who offer experience in many types of training. We specialize in everything from basic manners and obedience to behavior modification to dog performance and special task training.

Extra Costs

There are some things that are not always a need when owning a dog. Yet, sometimes they are an expense. For example, dog boarding or pet sitting. If you travel at all, this is an expense to take into account. You’ll need someone to care for your canine companion. Even if you have a family member willing to help, it’s nice to pay them for their time.

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