In-Home Puppy Training

Puppy Preschool
(In-Home Puppy Training)

Our Puppy Preschool Program is the perfect way to get a head start on training your pup. During Puppy Preschool, we provide in-home puppy training that will have your pup learning the ropes in no time! With our Puppy Preschool program , you’ll get three lessons in the comfort of your own home. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pup is getting the best education, tailored to their specific needs and abilities. Your puppy training coach will help your puppy learn the fundamentals of doggy etiquette. After each lesson, they will provide you with an email summarizing what you learned and explain your homework with helpful videos to help you accomplish it. This program requires a lot of work on your part, but you will be rewarded with discounts into our Day School and Boarding School programs if you want to advance your dog’s training or plan a vacation. This program is for puppies 6 months and younger, so, don’t wait any longer – sign up for a Free Consultation so we can get your new puppy registered for Puppy Preschool, giving your pup the best start possible!

Our Puppy Preschool Program is only available to puppies that are 6 months old or younger.

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If you’d like to sign up for a program, we will send you an Enrollment link where you will enter your information, your dog's information, choose your program, dates, make your payment and sign our Service Agreement.


Full Payment is due on the first day of your dog’s training program.

We can accept cash, checks, and credit cards. When scheduling your appointment we ask to store a credit card on file to hold your training spot. If for any reason you decide to cancel we will cancel your reservation for a 10% fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment plans. Dog Trainers have learned the hard way over the years to not send home a fully trained dog or not take in a dog without full payment. Unfortunately we sometimes do not get paid for training and even worse we have had people enroll their dogs in our program with partial payment and we never see them again and have a new dog for ourselves.