LOCATION: Conveniently located at our Lenexa Dog Training Facility

A great opportunity for your dog to get to know us and for us to get to know your dog before we begin formal training.

During our Acclimation phase, your pup will get to know us and become comfortable with our environment. We will introduce them to our staff, facility and our routine, spending lots of time helping them settle in. We will also make sure to spend plenty of time playing with them, as this helps to build a relationship and trust.

We offer this unique program for dogs that may have a bit of difficulty being away from home or their owner. This program is designed to allow your dog to come and spend the day with the trainers. Learning new games and becoming more comfortable with our training facility. New environments can be challenging for dogs that have not had much exposure and socialization outside of their home. Especially with the pandemic we are seeing more and more dogs struggle with changes to their day.

By the end of the acclimation period, your dog should feel comfortable and ready to move on to their Day School or Boarding School program.

You will drop your dog off between 7a-9a and pick up between 4p-7p.

At the end of each acclimation day you will receive a report card with a photo or video explaining what your dog did with the trainers and how they are progressing.

Acclimation days can be added to the beginning of any of our programs.

At the end of the Acclimation phase you will receive an Acclimation report summarizing all of the trainers’ evaluations and recommendations for your dog’s training. This will be emailed to you and you may schedule a 15-minute phone Acclimation Review if you wish to discuss the evaluation or recommendations further. The link to schedule a phone call will be in your acclimation report. This report will be emailed to you by 5pm Friday.

schedule a free consultation to talk with a trainer about our Acclimation programs

Please note, if you are unable to transport your pet to and from our facility everyday for acclimation, we do offer overnight stays during their acclimation visits.

Next Steps

Step 2

If you’d like to sign up for a program, we will send you an Enrollment link where you will enter your information, your dog's information, choose your program, dates, make your payment and sign our Service Agreement.


Full Payment is due on the first day of your dog’s training program.

We can accept cash, checks, and credit cards. When scheduling your appointment we ask to store a credit card on file to hold your training spot. If for any reason you decide to cancel we will cancel your reservation for a 10% fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment plans. Dog Trainers have learned the hard way over the years to not send home a fully trained dog or not take in a dog without full payment. Unfortunately we sometimes do not get paid for training and even worse we have had people enroll their dogs in our program with partial payment and we never see them again and have a new dog for ourselves.