Boarding School

LOCATION: Conveniently located at our Lenexa Dog Training Facility

7 Day Boarding School

A favorite for those who need a great start to their dog training. This board and train program covers engagement work, the development of markers for clear communication, impulse control exercises and counter behaviors, and the development of a good work ethic. This is a wonderful program for new adoptions, those who need to give their rambunctious and happy pup some structure, and for owners who like the idea of regular lessons following training. You will dramatically improve in overall focus and your pup will perform exceptionally well in session with you. Later on we will help you solidify this success around tough challenges, distractions, and more. This program includes management recommendations, supportive materials or necessary equipment, two in-office private lesson, and 4 graduate classes. The day your dog is ready to come home, you will have your private lesson with a trainer at the facility.

14 Day Boarding School

This is by far our most popular program. Majority of dogs fit well into this program and do exceptionally well. Many dogs leave this program walking very well on a leash in and around the public, greet guests politely, stop jumping, and listen very well, even around distractions. This program is ideal for you and your dog if you are limited on time and want your dog to be reliable with some relationship building and focus exercises completed by you after the training. Your dog will begin foundation work of off-leash training. This program includes four in-office private lessons and 8 of our beloved Graduate Classes. The day your dog is ready to come home, you will have your first private lesson with a trainer at the facility.

21 Day Boarding School

(Make My Dog Amazing Gold Star)

This program works your dog through the seven days of foundation work, seven days of introducing distractions, and the last seven days with more challenging distractions, repetition, reliability, and challenging environments. After they get some practice at home and solidify their relationship and engagement games with you, they will walk great on leash, be able to ignore dogs and other people while out in public, be able to go to their dog bed when a guest arrives and stay there until you release them, come when called with high distractions, and work reliably off leash. We don’t expect dogs to complete these tasks with expertise immediately when they arrive home from school, but definitely with some practice at home.

Next Steps

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If you’d like to sign up for a program, we will send you an Enrollment link where you will enter your information, your dog's information, choose your program, dates, make your payment and sign our Service Agreement.


Full Payment is due on the first day of your dog’s training program.

We can accept cash, checks, and credit cards. When scheduling your appointment we ask to store a credit card on file to hold your training spot. If for any reason you decide to cancel we will cancel your reservation for a 10% fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment plans. Dog Trainers have learned the hard way over the years to not send home a fully trained dog or not take in a dog without full payment. Unfortunately we sometimes do not get paid for training and even worse we have had people enroll their dogs in our program with partial payment and we never see them again and have a new dog for ourselves.