7 Best Training Collars For Stubborn Pups

Training a stubborn pup will be more of a challenge than you think. When a pup does not want to give in, they will try their best not to. If they want to play around instead of participating in training, then you might be for a long day. 

To combat this issue and ensure that your pup stays well-behaved, you can use a training collar. 

dog training colars

What is a Training Collar?

A training collar is a collar to be worn by dogs that prevent bad behavior. On the collar, there is a deterrent, which will fasten or tug if the pup behaves badly. The feature works to rid pups of certain habits.

The 7 Best Training Collars For Stubborn Pups

Finding the best training collar for your pup will stop them from being stubborn and behaving inappropriately. Here are 7 of the best options:

1 – Garmin Delta XC Bundle

The Garmin Delta XC Bundle is considered one of the best overall training collars for stubborn pups. It features an electronic configuration, which means you can control your dog using a control. It features intuitive features that enable you to train multiple dogs at a time as well as initiate stimulation so that the dog can respond and act accordingly. 

2 – PetSpy P620

PetSpy’s P620 training collar is a great shock collar to encourage stubborn pups to act in the right way. If the pup is being naughty and refusing to walk, the training collar will vibrate, beep, or shock the dog from up to 650 yards away.

3 – Petrainer PET998DRU1

The Petrainer PET998DRU1 is a great training collar for those who want to change the stimulation that the pup feels. If the pup is pretty well-behaved and only needs a shock from time to time, you can limit the vibration to not be intense. Whereas if you have a naughty dog that requires a lot of nudging to stop being stubborn, you can max out the shock, beep, or vibration so that they behave better. 

4 – SportDOG Brand 425x Remote Trainers

SportDOG’s 425x Remote Trainer collar is ideal for those dogs who like to try and chew through their collar. They might be so stubborn that they refuse to wear it. However, it is very durable and fit for any size dog. It is comfortable and effective for those dogs who need a nudge to behave better while training.

5 – Educator E-Collar

For small dogs that require small to medium vibrations to gently help them become less stubborn, the Educator E-Collar is a great option. These come with a half-mile radius, which is ideal for a small dog that likes to wander. The collar features an LDC screen that can easily change the vibration.


IPET’s PET619S training collar is the star of the show if you are looking for something 100% waterproof. Nothing is more annoying than being out in the rain and the collar stops working. You will be aggravated by the weather as well as trying to calm your stubborn pup. You won’t have to worry with the IPET collar as it can withstand any weather and is intuitive to allow multiple sounds and vibrations depending on the stubbornness of your pup.

7 – Pet Solve Dog Training Collar

The Pet Solve Dog Training Collar is great for large dogs who need training on the go. The collar features no standby button so it is always working and ready to go when you need help. It ranges from three to four miles, which is ideal if your large pup likes to go off and wander in the woods. The collar and its remote are waterproof so you can rely on it to help you train a stubborn pup no matter the weather. You can fully recharge the Pet Solve Dog Training Collar in less than two hours and be good to go again.

Final thoughts

No matter if you have a small or a big pup, a training collar is ideal if you want to stop your pup from being so stubborn. They can shock, beep or vibrate depending on their settings. There are many different sizes, most of which are waterproof, which makes them suitable for any type or size of the pup. They are extremely useful in the training years and to help your pup attain good behavior.

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