Inhale, Exhale, Sit, Stay: Dog Training Can Ease Your Pup’s Anxiety.

As pet parents, we want our best furry friends to feel safe and secure. When they’re anxious, we’re anxious, and that can make everyday tasks like leaving for work, running errands, and — dog forbid — taking a vacation feel daunting and stressful. Separation anxiety in dogs is a common, but particularly concerning problem for many owners.

From unwanted chewing to all night barking, separation anxiety leads to bad behavior and a stressed out household. We promise, your dog feels just as bad about that ruined sofa as you do. Anxiety can weigh heavily on a dog’s mood as well as their immune system.

Take a deep breath. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Dog training for separation anxiety is a highly beneficial tool when it comes to easing your pet’s stress, correcting bad behaviors, and managing separation anxiety in dogs. A pup approved yoga class may be out of reach, but our canine obedience classes in Kansas City are always open for new students.

Training Empowers Pet Parents

Obedience training for dogs with separation anxiety gives owners an arsenal of tools at their disposal. Managing separation anxiety in dogs is far easier with a myriad of tried and true techniques and strategies. Pet parents have the benefit of knowledgeable canine experts to guide them along the way. Together, we can develop a de-stress plan for your dog that includes:

  • Appropriate crate training to ease your dog’s anxiety and provide a safe space where he or she feels comfortable.
  • Redirection of negative behaviors.
  • Provide pre-departure cues so your dog knows what to expect. Think of these commands as your farewell hug to reassure a nervous pet.
  • Offer advice on managing breed specific habits like chewing, urinating, barking, and whining. Often times, simple solutions like consistent behavioral training can make a world of difference in relieving canine anxiety.
anxious pets

Training Reassures Anxious Pets

Much like humans, dogs benefit from routine. Unexpected changes can cause an onset of anxiety, especially common life changes like moving, being placed with a pet sitter or temporary caretaker, and adjusting to a new schedule.

Dog training for separation anxiety gives your pet consistency. When the foundation is secure, your dog can begin to feel safe and at home, no matter where their pet parent may be. Dog training helps anxious pups by developing:

  • Confidence and good social skills in skittish dogs.
  • Trust in their owner and a stronger bond between canine and pet parent.
  • Practice at good behavior prior to their owner leaving home. This allows for less of a shock when a vacation or change in schedule does occur. 

Training Provides a Canine Support Group for Anxious Pups

Being a part of a community of dog lovers allows owners to connect and trade tips. Chances are, your dog isn’t the only pup who feels a bit (or a lot) anxious when you leave home. Not only do pet parents receive the benefit of a certified dog trainer to correct their dog’s behavior and ease the nervousness around departure, but participants are able to chat with other owners and find what worked for them, including:

  • The best dog boarding in Kansas City.
  • Dog walking apps and services for long work days.
  • Puppy play groups to help anxious little ones socialize and build confidence.
  • The best dog friendly trails, parks, restaurants, and outings for times when your pup really wants to be with their favorite person — you!

Managing separation anxiety in dogs can be a challenging endeavor. Take a deep breath and take heart! Dog training for separation anxiety is a wonderful tool for helping your pup feel at ease.

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