What Are the Hardest Dog Breeds To Potty Train?

First, if you are reading this article, it is likely that you have a dog or are thinking about getting one. After all, having a pet can provide companionship and unconditional love to the owner. It is not surprising that people wish to take care of their pets in their own ways. However, one important thing that some owners often overlook when caring for their dogs is housebreaking them.

Housebreaking ensures that your dog does not make a mess inside your home by urinating or defecating anywhere in your house they like. Housebreaking is important to ensure that you are not stepping on dog feces or fragile pieces of your home being broken by the strong stench.

What are the hardest dog breeds to potty train? Ask that question to ten different pet owners and you’ll get at least five different answers, if not more. The truth is, there is no such thing as one of the “hardest” dog breeds to potty train. 

What Do You Need To Know To Potty Train A Puppy?

Your success in house training a new puppy will depend on a variety of factors: how consistent your methods are, how much time and effort you put into your training efforts, if you have any previous experience with puppies or other dogs, and so forth. 

The following tips will help you get started on the right track with your puppy potty training:

  • Choose a designated spot for your pup to relieve himself outdoors and always take him there immediately after he wakes up, after playing or eating and every time he goes outside.
  • Designate an area inside your home where his potty pad will be placed and only allow him access to this area when you are unable to watch over him or take him outside.
  • Keep track of when your puppy goes to the bathroom by using a timer or an app on your smartphone so you know when to take him outside next time.
  • Give him lots of praise and treats every time he goes in the right spot while indoors or outdoors, so that he knows what is expected from him at all times!

There are some general rules of thumb about which dog breeds typically have the most difficulty being house trained, but each case must be assessed individually before assuming a particular type can’t be trained.

dog potty training

What Are Some Other Factors To Consider For Potty Training?

Temperament is also an important factor when considering what breeds are harder to potty train. Some dogs may become stressed out by changes in their home environment , which can increase their anxiety and make them less willing to cooperate with training. However, the majority of difficult dogs tend to be highly food motivated.

Potty training difficulties can be reduced if you are well prepared before you bring your dog home. Knowing what types of food and chew toys to use for positive reinforcement will go a long way in getting your new pup housebroken and ready for life at your home. By choosing the right potty training supplies, you’ll make it easier to train your dog to use the bathroom outside rather than on the carpet.

What Breeds Truly Are More Stubborn/Problematic?


Huskies are known for having a very strong personality which affects them in all areas of life, including potty training. This breed is determined and knows what he wants so expecting him to respond well without making too much effort from your part isn’t going to work out planned. This breed is also known for being very vocal so expect to hear a lot of whining and barking during training sessions.

Great Danes

They drool a lot so expect your floors to have puddles everywhere when you bring home a Great Dane puppy. They also have a stubborn streak in them so they are very difficult to train using positive reinforcement.

Pit Bulls

It is hard for any dog owner to house train their canine pet, but Pit Bulls are especially known for being very tough on this front. This breed loves tearing up furniture pieces and digging holes in your lawn when outside, which makes potty training them harder. You will have more success if you use a crate in this case.


Another small breed, pugs are known for being a little more difficult to train. They can also be hard-headed and stubborn, which makes it even harder to potty train them. It’s best to start early with your pug training, as these dogs can often hold their bladders for about 1 hour at a time before they need to go outside.

Professional Dog Training Classes

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