How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs

Dogs are naturally social animals, so you probably have no problem taking yours to the dog park. But what do you do if they start a fight with another dog? Is it okay to let your dog play with others? How can you be sure they will get along? The truth is that while most dogs are friendly, some are not. And even if your dog seems trustworthy around other dogs, there may come a time when he is faced with an unfriendly pooch who wants to butt heads.

group of dogs being trained

What To Consider Before Training Your Dog?

First of all, let’s consider safety. If your pet gets so excited by any sight or sound of another dog (or person) that he loses control and ends up biting someone or creating some form of havoc on the beach or in an off-leash park, then he can be a genuine danger to society at large.

Secondly, dogs who have trouble staying calm in the presence of other canines often have trouble calming themselves after they’ve been stimulated. This means that every walk becomes a battle of wills between dog and owner, with an ever-present potential for disaster around other dogs. It also means that your pooch is more likely to become anxious, fearful, or aggressive, which can lead to even more dangerous behavior problems down the road.

Finally, there’s the fact that dogs love going for walks so much because it provides them with an opportunity to experience a variety of scents and sounds from the world around them. If he gets so worked up over every new aroma or sound combination he encounters, he’ll lose some of his passion for investigating the world with you.

What Steps Can You Take For Better Dog Behavior?

You are probably reading this because you have a problem with your dog being distracted by, barking at, or even attacking other dogs. This behavior can be very frustrating and dangerous. Not to mention, many people actually encourage their dog’s interest in other dogs because they enjoy having their dog greet all of the neighborhood pooches on walks. If this sounds like something you would like to do here are some tips for teaching your pup good manners when meeting new friends.

You will need to teach him a cue that tells him when it is okay to approach another dog and one that indicates he must stay away from them. I use two words, “touch” and “no touch.” These are easy for your pet to understand and work well with most dogs. If you can’t come up with something simple like this yourself, there are several great books available about canine communication that can help.

Once you have your cues picked out, practice them every time you greet another dog with your pet. Give him the chance to sniff around but not to actually approach the other dog if he does not listen when given his cue (i.e., that might mean turning his head away). If he ignores you then just walk in the opposite direction, acting like you are trying to get away from each other.

Do You Need A Professional Dog Trainer For Behavior Issues?

You have established great leadership over your dog and taken the time to teach him the basic obedience he needs to be successful in just about all situations. One of his weaknesses however, is that he seems obsessed with every other dog that comes into view and this has led to a few embarrassing moments on walks where he’s constantly distracted and drawn away from you and towards another canine companion.

Not everything can be done on your own and we are here to help! Sit Now Stay can assist in all behavior modification and obedience training. Call today!