Top 3 Reasons for Your Dog to Socialize Early

Believe it or not, dogs are social animals by nature. Like the packs of wolves they descended from thousands of years ago, today’s dogs have a desire to be around other dogs. While many dog owners raise them alone at home, there are many benefits to getting your dog out to socialize early in their life. Even if your dog isn’t the most social creature, you owe it to them to give them a shot.

Relaxation and Exercise

While dogs don’t make plans to hang out and watch the big game like humans, they still develop friendships with other dogs. Pets that get the chance to play at dog parks will come home sleepy and ready to peacefully dream about running around some more.

Not only does this make your job as an owner easier, it gives your dog something to look forward to. And since your dog is probably going to brag to their friends about what a great parent you are, why wouldn’t you want them to meet others? If you’re tired of walking your dog around the same boring streets in your neighborhood, think of how dull the scenery must seem to them!

Meeting new dogs can make even a tired scene interesting again. Plus, taking your dog to a brand new place to socialize is even more exciting!

doggy friends


All the in-home training in the world isn’t going to make your dog feel confident. Just like humans, dogs need feedback and validation from the same species. It might look like your dog is just sniffing the other dogs and then barking at them, but it’s all part of a social ritual that reminds your dog that they’re part of a community. Belonging brings confidence and it will carry into every aspect of your dog’s life.

Until dogs start socializing, the only social hierarchy they’re aware of is the one between you and them. Figuring out where they fit in socially with other dogs can get them thinking in brand new ways. Just like you would take your dog out for a walk, it’s important to exercise their mind too. Canine social dynamics can be fascinating to observe, too. Sometimes the smallest dogs are the bravest, and vice versa.

Easier Transitions

At some point in your pup’s life you’ll need to take them to get shots or stay with another family (or at Camp Pupaway,) when you’re out of town. Socializing helps dogs acclimate to new situations and conditions. A dog that’s never really been out of the house will have trouble adjusting.

However, one that’s met other dogs and understands that there’s a whole world out there will fit into their new situation more quickly. Initially, seeing that there’s a world outside your house or apartment can be a real surprise to your dog. But once they’re out there and they’re experiencing life (and other dogs), things can change for the better and your dog will be more open to future adjustments.

why should you socialize your dog early

New experiences for your dog can certainly be a hassle sometimes. With our busy day-to-day lives, it’s tough to make time to take our dogs out to see other pets. But getting them out and socializing goes a long way toward giving them a more fulfilling life. The exercise will help keep them relaxed and healthy, interacting with other dogs will give them confidence, and they’ll continue to acclimate to the world around them.

If your dog needs a little bit of help training before you let them loose on the pets of the world, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Sit Now Stay proudly serves the training, daycare, and boarding needs of dogs in the Kansas City area.