Kennels are Not Scary

How to Find a Great Place to Board Your Dog?

Locating the Right Kennel for You and Your Pet

Have you put off that dream vacation because you couldn’t possibly leave your canine buddy behind? Are you nervous about what you’d do if an emergency situation required you to be out of town, away from your beloved pup?

You may have ruled out Kansas City-area kennels in the past, thinking they’d be crowded or your pet would be too anxious away from home. But the right kennel can not only give you peace of mind that your dog is being cared for in your absence, it can provide a fun experience for your furry pal.

The key to finding a trusted kennel in Kansas City is to look for one well in advance of when you need it. That allows you to take your time touring the facility and asking questions about their standard of care. The operators of a respectable kennel will have no problem showing you around and explaining about their care philosophy.

kenneling your dog

Maybe you don’t know what you should even look for or ask about. Here are five important things to know about any kennel facility you choose for your pet:

1. What are the accommodations like?

Are they small and intimate or large with attached runs? There are a wide range of housing types, sometimes even within the same facility, to cater to the many different dog personalities out there.

2. What kind of exercise is provided?

Some kennels walk each dog several times a day, while others provide runs or outdoor areas for play. Some exercise areas are provided with other dogs, so know whether your pup is the socializing type or if solitary playtime would be preferable.

3. What are your health requirements?

Most facilities require up-to-date vaccinations, but some may accommodate pets who have a veterinarian-approved reason to forego some shots or titer levels that show immunity. (Note that in these special cases, your dog probably won’t be able to socialize with others.)

Some kennels also require proof of your use of flea control or will apply a dose when your dog checks in. It’s also good to know what happens if your dog develops an illness while in the kennel’s care. Is a staff vet available for health checks or will your dog be taken to your own vet?

4. How do you clean?

While inspecting the facility for a reasonable level of cleanliness, it’s also good to ask about the kennel’s system for disinfecting and removing waste. Safe and non-toxic products are a must but they must also be effective.

5. How do you ensure security?

Check to be sure that individual kennels are well maintained and don’t permit escape. As well, fencing for runs and perimeter fencing should be secure, with precautions that prevent dogs from leaving the kennel grounds.

Special Requirements for Your Dog

You may pay a little extra for special accommodations like giving your pet medications or supplements, providing grooming services or offering special care such as for a senior dog with partial incontinence.

The right kennel will also accommodate any special dietary needs your pet has. Not all facilities will prepare raw or fresh meals, so if you feed your pup this way, make sure the kennel you’re considering can handle it.

Make sure you know ahead of time what your additional requirements will cost so there are no surprises when you get your boarding bill.

Reserving the Ideal Kennel Experience

Once you find the right kennel, leaving for that special trip may be a little easier. But do keep in mind that you should make reservations well in advance, as the best kennels in Kansas City can fill up fast. While many kennels keep a spot or two open for owner emergencies, catching your flight to Hawaii doesn’t qualify. For best results, reserve your pup’s spot at least a month and as many as three months in advance.

If you’d like to schedule a tour or talk to our trained staff about your dog’s care — or to make a reservation — contact us.