Dog & Puppy Training Lee’s Summit

LOCATION: Conveniently located at our Lee’s Summit Dog Training Facility

In this program the entire education and success of your dog will depend on your sessions working with the dog in between your lessons. Several families start with this program and move into a Day Train or Boarding School program later to advance desired behaviors. Your trainer will discuss with you methods, techniques, and
philosophies of dog training. You will receive educational videos, materials, reading recommendations, and more from your trainer to help you in your dog training journey.

This program requires a very solid time commitment from you and your family along with a very structured management plan while you are training your dog. The more you communicate with your trainer about the challenges you are having, the more successful you will be. You can always purchase additional private lessons if needed or transition into one of our Day Train or Boarding School programs if you wish for additional help for advanced distraction training. You can make any single lesson at a remote location within 20 miles of Lenexa facility (i.e. your home, park, etc) with Trainer’s approval for additional Travel Fee of $50 per lesson.

Private Lessons Pricing

1 Private Lesson:


3 Private Lessons:

at Lenexa Facility: $425

5 Private Lessons:

at Lenexa Facility: $675

Dog and Puppy Training in Lee’s Summit


Looking for high-quality Puppy Training or Dog Training in Lee’s Summit?

You’ve come to the right place! SitNowStay’s training services are designed to help dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds reach their full potential.

Our expert trainers have years of experience and use only the most effective and humane training techniques to help your furry friend learn new skills and behaviors.

Whether you’re looking for basic obedience training or specialized behavioral training, we have a program that will meet your needs. If you’re searching for dog and puppy trainers near you,”

look no further than our trusted team. Let us help your furry friend reach their full potential today!

Group Puppy Training Classes in Lee’s Summit

(Includes an Instructor)


Looking for a way to teach your new furry family member some obedience and socialization skills?

Look no further than Group Puppy Training Classes at Sitnowstay! Our classes are designed to not only train your puppy, but to build a community of pet owners who can share experiences and tips.

In these group sessions, our professional trainers will guide your puppy through obedience exercises, socialization with other dogs, and problem-solving techniques.

With our help, your pup will be on their way to becoming the best-behaved dog on the block. Come join us at Sitnowstay Group Puppy Training Classes!

I’m not sure if my dog knows how to swim

Bring your furry friend to the pool with confidence at Sit Now Stay Dog Pool! Our facility offers dog life vests to ensure your pup’s safety in the water, regardless of their swimming abilities.

Dogs of all breeds, ages, and swimming abilities can benefit from learning to be comfortable in and around water. From natural swimmers like Labrador Retrievers to breeds that need a little extra support, our experienced trainers are here to help.

Don’t let your dog’s fear or discomfort around water hold them back. With our safe and fun swim lessons, even senior dogs, adult dogs, and puppies can learn to swim with confidence. Join us and give your pup a new leash on life in the water!

Board and Train Programs in Lee’s Summit

7 Day Boarding School

At sitnowstay, we offer top-notch Board and Train Programs for your furry friends!

Our expert team of trainers will work closely with your pet to teach them basic obedience, advanced commands, and even manners.

Not only that, we provide comfortable boarding facilities for your pet to stay in while they undergo their training. Our Board and Train Programs have proven to be highly effective, ensuring that your pets will come back to you well-behaved and trained.

So why wait? Contact us today to let your pets experience the best training available in Lee’s Summit!

Dog Pool Training in Lee's Summit


Dog Pool Training Lee’s in Summit is a unique and innovative approach to dog training that takes place in the serene city of Lee’s Summit. With its focus on water-based activities, this specialized training program provides dogs with valuable skills while offering them a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a large swimming pool specifically designed for canine use. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, dogs are taught essential swimming techniques, water safety protocols. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that our furry friends not only become confident swimmers but also develop crucial life-saving abilities. The dedicated team at Dog Pool Training Lee’s Summit understands the importance of individualized attention; therefore, they tailor each session to meet the specific needs and skill levels of every dog participant.

Through proven dog training approach methods and engaging exercises, these skilled trainers create an environment where learning becomes fun-filled aquatic adventures! Whether it is for exercise purposes or as preparation for future waterside outings with their owners, participating in Dog Pool Training in Lee’s Summit guarantees both physical fitness and mental stimulation for your beloved canine companion.

Therapy Dog Training in Lee's Summit


Therapy Dog Training in Lee’s Summit, located in the heart of this bustling city, is a premier establishment dedicated to providing top-notch Therapy Dog training services.

With our expertise and deep understanding of canine behavior, We offer an array of specialized programs that cater specifically to Therapy Dogs. Our team of experienced trainers utilizes proven dog training techniques to ensure effective results while fostering a nurturing environment for these young pups to thrive.

From basic obedience commands like sit and stay to more advanced skills such as socialization and emotional support training, Therapy Dog Training Lee’s Summit covers it all with utmost professionalism and care. In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, they also emphasize the importance of building strong bonds between dogs and their owners through interactive exercises and games.

Whether your furry companion requires basic training or simply needs guidance in becoming a well-rounded therapy dog, Dog therapy Training Lee’s Summit is committed to meeting both you and your pup’s unique needs while paving the way for a fulfilling future together.

Dog Sports Training in Lee's Summit

Dog Sports training in Lee’s Summit is the ultimate destination for pet owners seeking a comprehensive and effective method to train their furry companions.

Located in the heart of Lee’s Summit, this training center offers a wide range of dog sports programs that cater to all breeds and ages. Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or an older pooch that needs an outlet, our team of highly skilled trainers will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the entire training process.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, spacious indoor and outdoor areas, as well as dog swimming pool. From obedience training to dock diving exercises, Dog Sports training Lee’s Summit covers an array of specialized programs tailored to meet individual needs. With proven dog training techniques at the core of their methodology, we promote a healthy bond between pets and owners while fostering confidence in dogs’ abilities.Our experienced trainers ensure that every session is fun-filled and engaging, encouraging dogs to learn new skills while enjoying themselves simultaneously.

At Dog Sports Training Lee’s Summit, both novice pet parents and seasoned handlers can find invaluable resources for dog sports strategies to help you reach your goals with your dog.