Unlocking Vitality: Keeping Your Dog Agile with Muscle Mutts

Australian red tricolor rear view of ass with cropped tail Black and red German Shepherd

Just like humans, all dogs benefit from staying physically active and mentally engaged. However, traditional training methods may not always suffice, especially for senior pups who may have mobility issues or joint stiffness. Sit Now Stay, in Kansas City, KS, offers a specialized fitness program called Muscle Mutts which is designed to cater to the […]

What is Laser Pointer Syndrome in Dogs?

Many people think that laser pointers will provide great entertainment for dogs. It’s an endless game where you don’t have to leave the couch to play with them. However, playing with a laser pointer can actually cause significant behavioral and mental health problems in your dog. What Is Laser Pointer Syndrome? A laser pointer triggers […]

Can Dogs Eat Guava? What You Need To Know

So you’ve seen your lovely pup drinking some guava juice or munching a guava fruit, and you’re worried if it has any negative effects. Can dogs eat guava? Well, the good news is that dogs can eat guava in moderation. Guavas are exotic fruits that offer vitamins and minerals to dogs. You can offer different […]

Does My Dog Need a Coat in the Winter?

When the harsh winter weather starts to roll in, many people get into their favorite winter gear to keep warm, but what about our furry friends? Many dog owners might wonder if they need to get a coat for their dog as those colder days begin to set in. In this post, Sit Now Stay […]

Toys to Mentally Stimulate Dogs

Did you know that 15 minutes of mental stimulation is akin to 30 minutes of physical workouts? Like humans, mental stimulation not only helps in boosting your dog’s happiness and health, but it bolsters their confidence and encourages them to engage in their natural behaviors. Additionally, it reduces anxiety, boredom, and frustration; which is why […]

Can My Dog Swim With An Ear Infection?

Most dogs are just born loving water, and who can blame them? It’s fun and healthy, and there’s also something mesmerizing about splashing in cool refreshing waters on a nice day, especially if it’s hot outside. Moreover, swimming is a great exercise for both dogs and us, so you may need to buy a life […]

Are Lacrosse Balls Safe For Dogs?

At Sit Now Stay Dog Training, one of the most popular questions asked is which toys are the safest for our client’s pups. We’ve repeatedly seen how much dog owners care for their beloved animals and want them to stick around for the long haul. With so many things to juggle daily, it can be hard […]

Are Herding Dogs Aggressive?

One of the most common questions people ask Sit Now Stay Dog Training is whether or not herding dogs are aggressive. After all, these breeds were initially bred to herd livestock, and sometimes that can lead to some aggression. But the truth is, herding dogs are no more aggressive than any other type of dog; it […]

Can Crate Training a Dog Stunt Their Growth?

When thinking about training your dog, you may wonder if you should crate train them or not. When people think of crates, they usually think of small metal cages used to transport dogs and keep them safe while traveling by plane or car. While crate training is a great tool in the right situations, it […]

Are Huskies Good Farm Dogs? Make an Informed Decision for Your Husky

The playfulness and warm nature of the Siberian husky might have you thinking about getting the breed for your farm. Huskies are not only pretty with their wolf-life looks and blue eyes but also charming because they are so joyful. So, it’s not surprising to want one as a pet.  However, before getting any animal […]