Are Huskies Good Farm Dogs? Make an Informed Decision for Your Husky

The playfulness and warm nature of the Siberian husky might have you thinking about getting the breed for your farm. Huskies are not only pretty with their wolf-life looks and blue eyes but also charming because they are so joyful. So, it’s not surprising to want one as a pet.

However, before getting any animal as a pet, you need to have some basic information about it. This is what responsible ownership demands. Therefore, you must ask, are huskies good farm dogs? We put together this simple guide to give you vital facts about Siberian Huskies and their suitability for farm life.

Can a Husky Live on a Farm?

The Siberian Husky is an energetic dog breed that requires plenty of exercises. Therefore, living on a farm should prove to be fun because the animal will have sufficient space to roam around. If you have a sizeable piece of real estate, a Husky will appreciate the freedom to run around the place.

Additionally, you can train a Husky to do a few things around the farm. Although they are not natural farm dogs, as with any other breed, Huskies can be trained to perform various tasks. With the help of qualified trainers, your furry friend can learn to do more than a few activities so that he or she has different ways to expend all that energy. Since Huskies are inherently good-natured, they are easy to work with. An agreeable dog makes training uncomplicated.

How Will a Husky Relate to Other Animals?

One big problem you can expect with keeping a Husky on a farm is the danger posed to other animals. Although the breed can be friendly, it is highly predatory. Chickens are especially not safe around a Siberian Husky. If you keep hen and other birds on your farm, you have to be very careful about having a Husky around.

Huskies also chase after goats, sheep, and other small animals like cats. Even when the dog is well-fed, it might still run after the animals on the farm solely for fun. So, your livestock might not have a lot of peace unless the place is big enough to separate the animals.

You must watch out for the dog and stop it from chasing after the rest of the animals. Behavioral training goes a long way in helping get a handle on your pet.

Huskies are not all bad, though. As mentioned, they are good-natured. A Siberian Husky carries on well with other animals when feeling sociable. It also interacts cheerfully with other dogs.

Can a Husky Provide Protection?

When answering the question, ‘are huskies good farm dogs?’ we must discuss a Husky’s protective instinct. It is almost non-existent. Siberian Huskies are friendly to strangers, making them lousy guard dogs. Although a Husky looks menacing, don’t expect it to do much else. If you want a guard dog on your farm, consider a German Shepherd.

Should I Get a Husky as a Farm Dog?

The above insights tell you the essentials of keeping Siberian Huskies on a farm. If after reading this guide, you think you can handle a Husky on your farm, then take the chance. Of course, get the right training for your dog to maximize its potential.

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