5 Essential Dog Training Commands

You just got a new puppy, and amidst all the excitement, you forgot about dog training commands! While there are many fun things you can train your puppy to do, there are five key commands to teach your dog.

Sit/Lay Down

While the sit command is pretty basic and is typically the first command you will teach your dog, it is a significant one. According to Scott H. of, Teaching your dog how to sit can help with convenience, safety, and civility.

Knowing how to sit is convenient because it allows you to get your dog to stay in one place. This could be helpful if you need to move around while cleaning and need your dog to not get in the way. 

In terms of safety, when walking your dog, you could ask him to sit if you are coming across people or other animals to stop him from going near them. Finally, many people don’t enjoy dogs jumping on them, so commanding your dog to sit will help with that.

Along with the “sit” command is the “lay down” command. These achieve basically the same results, but the training is a little different.

Dog Training Commands  SIt


The “stay” command has many of the same benefits as the “sit” command. It will keep your dog locked in one place for whatever reason you need him to stay. Whether this is to keep him out from under your feet, to keep him safe, or to keep him away from people.


Dogs can be naughty and get into things they should not be in. For example, they might jump up onto the counter or onto furniture they are not allowed on. It is important your dog knows the command to get down.

This could potentially be a safety concern as your dog could get somewhere that is dangerous. If your dog knows the down command, you can quickly and calmly get them out of the situation.

Drop It

Your puppy is exploring its new surroundings, and it has discovered your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers. They immediately go in his mouth, and nothing you do is getting him to let go. This is one example of where the “drop it” command comes in handy.

You want your dog to drop things on command if they pick up something dangerous to them. Perhaps they pick up something they could choke on or something hazardous to their health. You want your dog to be able to quickly drop the item so it can’t cause him harm.


Dogs have a mind of their own, and they do not always want to do what you want them to do. Teaching your dog the “come” command will ensure that when you want your dog to follow you, they will do so.

According to Robbi Hess of Figo, the “come” command can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to getting your dog to come back if he slips out of his leash.

Order of Learning Commands

There is an order you should use when teaching your dog training commands. The order is based on ease and safety; however, you do not necessarily have to teach the commands in this order. It is the following:

  1. Sit/lay down
  2. Down
  3. Drop it
  4. Come
  5. Stay

Remember that patience is key when teaching your dog commands. They are not going to get everything right on the first try. Just keep working on it with them a little bit each day, and they will get it over time. Make sure to stock up on treats to make the process easier.

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